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Where are the Eames Lounge Chairs & Ottomans assembled and where are their parts manufactured? Where does the leather come from?

I am interested to know what the origin of the materials for these iconic chairs are. Thanks in advance! A shopper on Dec 8, 2011 Best Answer: The Eames Lounge & Ottoman is handcrafted in West Michigan. The wood chosen for the veneer shell and inner plies comes from different areas in the US and Canada, depending on which species you select. Once the wood is brought to West Michigan, it is processed and the veneer is evaluated to ensure that it is high quality. All veneer parts for each Eames Lounge & Ottoman are taken from the same tree so you have a consistent wood grain within your chair. The look of the wood grain varies from chair to chair because they are made from different trees, which makes each chair unique.

Leather for the Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman comes from Austria, and is hand selected once it reaches West Michigan to ensure quality. The assembly of the wood shell pieces, hand selected leather and assembly components takes place in West Michigan. Each leather-covered cushion is upholstered individually by hand.

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Since first launching the chair in 1956, Herman Miller has been very careful to make sure the chair you order now performs as beautifully as the original. We recently re-launched the hand oiled version of the Eames Lounge & Ottoman in Walnut and Santos Palisander to match the look and feel of the original chair and ottoman. Each veneer piece is hand oiled over a series of a few days before the chair is fully assembled.

The Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman, correctly titled Eames Lounge (670) and Ottoman (671), were released in 1956 after years of development by designers Charles and Ray Eames for the Herman Miller furniture company. It was the first chair the Eames designed for a high-end market. These furnishings are made of moulded plywood and leather. Examples of these furnishings are part of the permanent collection of New Yorks Museum of Modern Art.

Few would argue that this chair could be the most easily recognisable and desirable furniture classic design of all time!! It appeals to people for several reasons. It is a classic design that has been in production ever since its creation. In addition to its style, it is also very comfortable a combination not always found in high design. Additionally, some people find it desirable purely for reasons of value with originals of the chair fetching well over £3500. Our quality reproduction of this classic is sympathetic to the detail and comfort of the original but at a fraction of the cost!

Eames Inspired Lounge Chair and Ottoman Rosewood

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One of the most recognisable and desirable classic furniture designs of all time, the Eames Lounge Chair is as beautiful as it is comfortable.

Originally designed as a birthday present for director Billy Wilder, the 1956 Lounge chair was the Eames first design for the luxury market. This supremely comfortable chair has sumptuously cushioned leather seat pads and a wood-veneered plywood shell on aluminum supports and a cast aluminum base. Shock mounts allow the backrest and headrest to flex slightly in use.

Available in Rosewood and Walnut, this luxury designer Lounge chair would suit any home or office environment. Perfect for lounging around or as a stylish feature piece. 

The lounge chair has no adjustment. It is extremely comfortable but I am not as tall as you. (I used to be 61″ and weighed 230; now I am about 6 and 178lbs). The issue on the lounge chair would be whether it is too low to the ground for you, I think. But, there is no substitute for trying it.

I have a pair here if you can make it to Nyack area. And remember, the decorator discount is substantial, i think when I bought mine it was in the neighborhood of 40% off list. ABC in the city used to carry the line, but i suspect HM has a factory store these days? Soho? or the Design Center in Queens? Dunno.
I bought quite a bit of vintage mid-century modern signed pieces back before it got super-hot. The lounge is a classic, but i gather not to everyones taste.

The famous Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman was designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1956. 

Few pieces of furniture make an impact like this Eames lounge chair. Charles and Ray Eames designed the Lounge chair and ottoman with the aim of combining an elegant appearance with ultimate comfort. Made with highest quality materials and workmanship using the same methods that the Herman Miller brand is known for all over the world. The Lounge chair is widely recognised as a great design classic, and who could argue that? The Eames chair has even gone down in history as an American design icon, and the whole design concept was inspired by club chairs that were common in the 1800s.

This is truly a chair that has stood the test of time and maintained its position among the list of truly innovative chairs. When the Eames lounge chair was introduced in the mid 1950s, nobody had ever seen anything like it, much less sat in anything like it. This remains true even today, more than half a century later. 

In cooperation with the Eames Office, Vitra has created a New size version for taller people. 

Construction: Plywood Shells in Santos Palisander  (FSC certified) 

All cushions are removable and covers come in

Natural leather or Premium Leather, making

the Eames lounge chair customisable to your needs.

The Leather Natural is an upgrade option used on the Eames chair. It is a very soft cowhide leather,
and the untreated grain gives it
a very organic appearance that is just as attractive as it is comfortable. It is porous, breathable and warm to the touch. Over time and through use, Leather Natural takes on a lively, characteristic patina. It is available in 4 colours so that it can complement any design or colour scheme.  

Leather Premium, also used on the Eames chair,

is a relatively smooth cowhide leather with a

flat grain and fine top sheen. It is dyed-through

and lightly pigmented. The semi-aniline leather

is soft to the touch and available in 22 colours,

offering even more options to truly create

an impact with this already eye-catching chair.